Dairy, Food & Beverages


Dairy, Food and Beverages

Milk Filling Platform / Chemical Storage tank Area / Tank Farm Area / Packing Area

Dairy Platform
Acid resistant Mandana Stone of size 300×300 / 600×300 with thickness of 25-30 mm to be laid over
ordinary potland cement mixed with Acid resistant powder or Waterproof powder and to seal the joints
in Aroon 20

Food And Beverages
5 mm thick Epoxy Monolythic screeding [Aroon 10] with one coat of Primer and Seal Coat OR
5 mm thick Co-Polymer resin base screeding [Arfurathene] with one coat of Primer and Seal Coat

Effluent Treatment Plant
A.R. Tile/Brick Lining in Aroplex K / Arfurane R over mastic membrane – Aroprimer / Arocompound

Beverages Plant
One coat of primer
5 mm thick Monolythic screeding with epoxy base Resin cement [Aroon 10]
Over the above screed, 2 coats of seal coats.

Chemical Conditions
Caustic / mild Sulphuric Acid & Solvents Temp 40 to 80°C.

Edible Oil Refineries
Co-Polymer based Monolithic screeding using our product Arfurathene with one coat of Primer and Seal

Structures, Tanks Vessels, Pipelines, Utility Pipelines, Chimneys, Conveyor Belt & Structures,
Roof/Shades, Utilities etc.